Fogotten Time

Forgotten Time (the black and white series)

The series searches for hope, for the past in the present. Worlds believed to be forgotten are represented in the now. Photographed with a camera that dates back to the early days of photography.
The feedback from time, past and future is the central issue. The most important thing to me here is the conscious use of anachronisms. I use a box camera from the early days of photography, but use modern Illford roll film as a medium. I sometimes make prints on baryta, but primarily I use fine art printing on classic Hanemühle papers to get life-size prints of the motifs.

In my opinion, every project needs its special medium. That is why photography is particularly suitable in today’s world of abundance of images to capture history. The world loses its proportions and at the same time is banished and brought to the people. If I plan a project like “Forgotten Time”, “I never see myself” or any other of my photographic works, I immediately see the means I have to use to give this project a soul. Similar to the choice of color type in painting.
This is what characterizes today: the choice of means, which can often lead to agony of abundance; to the flood of images. But this freedom also makes it possible to provide us with a spectrum that can create images that can shake our perception of the so-called real, about everything that is “real” and “history” by means of photography and that with it to question coupled belief in reality.